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The CAQH Provider Data Portal is the healthcare industry’s premier resource for reporting professional and practice information to health plans and other healthcare organizations. Through an intuitive, profile-based design, you can easily enter and maintain your information for submission to organizations you authorize. The system eliminates redundant processes to collect information for credentialing, primary source verification, compliance, directory management and more.

The CAQH Credentialing Suite expedites data collection with an intuitive design and helpful features like these:

  • Drop-down selections for select fields and sections (ex. medical schools, hospitals)
  • Required and suggested fixes to ensure a complete profile prior to attestation
  • Field formatting and data validation to avoid errors
  • 24x7 access to the Provider Data Portal, online chat and a customer support team available during business hours
  • Extensive help and FAQ content to provide guidance on how to complete the profile sections

Completing the initial CAQH Credentialing profile may take up to two hours. However, once a profile is complete ongoing management is easily performed through a streamlined reattestation process. Follow the suggestions below to reduce the time required to complete the profile. Additional time may be required depending upon several factors, including the number of practice locations, amount of post-graduate training and work history.


The following suggestions may help you complete the initial CAQH credentialing profile faster:

  • Familiarize yourself with the type of information that the profile will require.
  • Familiarize yourself with the required steps to complete your profile.
  • Have the proper materials available for reference when you start.
  • If your practice has administrative staff that manages information for multiple providers, data entry will be easier.
  • Please note: Data that is the same for multiple providers (e.g., clinic name, address and phone number) can be entered once, rather than entering repeatedly for each individual provider.

If you already have a CAQH Provider ID, please click here. Otherwise, please click the Next button below to register.

If you are a dentist, please first sign-in or register via and follow instructions to submit a credentialing application via CAQH Provider Data from ADA's web site.

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