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The Practice Administrator Module is specifically designed for office managers and will allow you to complete the provider profile for multiple providers faster and easier. By creating a "template" with information that is common across providers in your group, each provider can "import" this generic record for review and approval.

The first time using the Practice Administrator Module, you will need to register with the system. This is an easy process and you will be asked to provide simple contact information and a username and password to secure your data entry.

Step 1: Tutorial
Once you have registered and logged into the Practice Administrator Module, you may download and view the system tutorial that will provide an overview of the CAQH system.

Step 2: Manage Provider List
You will need to declare what providers will be able to import and use the information that you create. To associate a provider to this information, you will either enter the CAQH Provider ID or the provider’s full name and unique identifiers. You may repeat this step for as many providers in your group.

Step 3: Maintain Provider Information
Information that is common across providers will be gathered, such as practice information, hospital affiliations, and insurance coverage information. The information entered in this process will be validated for correct format and reasonableness. You may repeat this process for additional practice locations.

Once you have completed entering the information and are ready for it to be imported, you will then “Export” this information. The provider will not be able to use this information until this step is completed. Now the providers, logging into their own accounts, will be able to “import” the information that you have entered into their provider profiles.